Implant services:

We offer a comprehensive consultation to completed implant service, and a joint care approach with implant treatment planning and placement, with the referring dentist providing the restorative phase where appropriate.

Straumann Dental Implant System, with more than 20 years of clinical research resulting in over 3,000 scientific publications, offers one of the most clinically validated and extensively documented implant system in the world. There are more than 500 different implant systems on the market nowadays and less than ten of these offer any substantial scientific evidence in the literature, not to mention long term follow up evidence.

Implant treatment requires holistic and systematic approach to treatment planning and both surgical and prosthetic phases of treatment. At the initial complimentary consultation we discuss the patient’s expectations and wishes, the nature, benefits, advantages and limitations of implants, ev. augmentation procedures and materials. After a detailed examination we will provide the patient a comprehensive written report explaining proposed treatment plan, the timescale and cost of treatment.

The ideal time to refer is as soon as possible- it is not essentially required to wait months after tooth extraction before referring. Teeth causing bone loss- axially fractured roots, chronic infection, suppuration- should be taken out as soon as possible and any eventual granulations should be carefully removed as well in order to preserve bone volume and quality at the future implant site.